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Press Release from the Villa Park Community Foundation 1-7-2013

 Thanks from the Villa Park Community Foundation

 llinois, VILLA PARK – January 7, 2013. – The Villa Park Community Foundation wants to take this opportunity to thanks and acknowledge the many community members, local small business and organizations that have helped make the Villa Park Skatepark a reality.

  Brought to fruition with the help of donations of material and equipment from local businesses including: Elmhurst-Chicago Stone Company, Rick's Trucking Service, Inc., McCann Industries, Inc., Kieft Brothers, Inc., Belvedire Reinforcing Steel, Aetna Plywood, McAllister Equipment Co., CTS Cement/Rapid Set, Lee’s Foodservice Parts and Repairs, At Your Surface and Lowes.

  The skate park project also received the support from grants including the Walmart Foundation, Global Giving Foundation, Tony Hawk Foundation, United Business Media Foundation, All State Foundation, Pepsi Refresh Foundation, Villa Park Junior Women's Club, Allstate Foundation and the Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development grant (OSLAD).

  “This project will benefit kids and teenagers by providing a safe place to practice their sport, giving them much-needed exercise and a sense of self-esteem. The skatepark will provide a place for kids who aren't attracted to traditional team sports, and a place to express themselves in an individual and athletic manner. Getting kids, particularly at-risk kids, involved in personal and esteem-building activities such as inline skating, BMX bike riding and skateboarding helps build the confidence to do well in other aspects of their lives. There is a sense of identity the skatepark can provide for kids who don’t feel like they fit in elsewhere. “It’s an excellent skate park design and construction and it has something for all skill levels, for skateboards, BMXers, roller bladers and scooter riders.”- said Carrie Osing from The Villa Park Community Foundation.

  The Villa Park Community Foundation will also would like to acknowledge the following people for the support and strong contribution: Odeum Expo Center - Phil Greco and Jon Zaley, Jon & Carrie Osing, Vicki Hass, Juan Salazar, Marni Tews, Katie Kane, Brian Anderson, Rich Biagioli, Elizabeth & Craig Sarver, Sheila and Scott Mitchell, Laurie Lo Coco, Mario Lopez, Joe Lewis, Cris and Larry Poggi, Sharon Nolan, Ben Saver, Barb and Beverley Koslow , Inland Bank - Phil Patel, Michael Anthony Pizza, The Brauer House - Steve Brauer, Speed Pro Imaging, Graphic Arts Printing, Helium - Miguel Mendez, Stoltz Design - Jack Stoltz, Tony Hawk Foundation - Peter Whitley and Lenore Hawk Dale, Kristen Kuhn,  Skaters for Public Skateparks - Carter Dennis, Skate Park Association - Heidi Lemmon, Grindline Skateparks Inc. - Micah Shapiro and Matt Fluegge, Evergreen Skateparks, Inc. - Billy and Catherine Coulon. Paul Del Guidice, Chris Fox, Sarah Small and Patrick Rollens.

 - “It’s an excellent example of what we can accomplish if we work together and an inspiration for other communities to follow” - said Paulina Jimenez, president of The Villa Park Community Foundation.

  The skatepark construction is complete; however, it will not be open until summer due to construction of remaining parts of the park.  You are requested to contact the Villa Park Parks and Recreation Department for further details of completion as the remaining construction project is under their supervision. 



Photo of the Evergreen Skateparks crew



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Congratulations to the winners at the ROCK 4A PARK Fundraiser!

winner_of Longboard
Rich Airephix winner of the Original Longboard deck donated by Motiv8 Skateshop
Rob Kozerski winner of the Loaded Ceviche longboard donated by Motiv8 Skateshop

Dan Fowler winner of the Fit BMX bike donated by Koslow Cycle

Jonah Osing winner of the Real Skateboard
deck donated by Zumiez

Roger Bell winner of the Rock University Scholarship donated by Perry's Music

KAnsas_guitarJane Huske winner of the Kansas electric guitar donated by Perry's Music

Finding Valor Band winner of the $1,000 cash prize at ROCK 4A PARK Fundraiser

Bloody Mary 
winner of the microphone set and a $ certificate from Perry's Music



Villa Park Skatepark Project winner of the 10K Pepsi Refresh Grant !


VILLA PARK , IL – The Villa Park Skatepark project was selected from hundreds of applications the Foundation receives every year for a $10,000.00 Tony Hawk Foundation Grant for the construction of the Villa Park Skatepark. See newspaper article under News & Events.


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